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Founded by Kelly Keown & DeAvera Tood, R.E.A.C.H. is a program designed to unite the coaches community within sport of gymnastics through communication, sharing and education. Their belief is that by coming together as a community and respecting each other, even the smallest gym with the fewest number of athletes can provide GREAT gymnastics with loyal customers with the right integrity, structure and plan. By opening the doors for coaches to REACH out to each other, they provide a safe space for sharing and communication where coaches can get answers to questions and provide successful training and technique in a judgement free zone!


Deavera todd

I help gymnasts, cheerleaders, tumblers, and other amazing athletes excel in their sports by fine-tuning their technique, drilling the skills to mastery, and adding that little bit of “spice” to their choreographed routines.

I was born and raised in Georgia where I started my dance career at age 3 and discovered my love for performing. Despite limited finances, my mom made a way for me to participate in gymnastics. Now, as Founder of Elite Talent Academy, I am able to fulfill a lifelong dream of creating a program to help young gymnasts achieve their dreams regardless of their life experiences.  I also travel the world training gymnasts, athletes, and coaches in my advanced skills and drills techniques.

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My coaching style is nurturing, but also disciplined and structured. I love to have FUN! And I am known to spontaneously bust a move or two!

At the end of the day, coaching is about so much more than just the sport. My goal is to reinforce important social skills, enforce consistency, and help my athletes become good teammates who support and encourage each other. As your child conquers physical challenges they may have never thought possible, they develop confidence, and get inspired to do more and try new things.


At the end of the day, that’s what it’s all about. It’s these lessons they carry for a lifetime, and ultimately, the reason why I do what I do.

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Kelly Keown is a displaced mermaid and retired gymnastics coach who served the Georgia community for 28 years.  While she has formal education in early childhood development, she has spent the last 28 working on land producing many state, regional and national champions as well as college athletes. She is the owner of GYMPACT by Kelly that provides consulting services to gymnastics and cheer businesses to help them reach their full potential.


She inspires young women by helping them find their passion, drive, and inner strength to be the best possible athlete they can be.  Just like a crusty barnacle, she can be crusty.  Scrape away the rough exterior and you will find a coach that loves deeply gives her whole heart to her athletes.

Her heart desires to share her knowledge with the coaching community and create unity among the gymnastics world before she is retired to her seaside shanty to spend her retirement days fishing, floating, and basking in the Gulf of Mexico sun. 

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